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Xiha connects the people of the world through a multilingual, cross-cultural exchange.

Simultaneous, real-time translation allows Xiha citizens to share travel tips, pictures, music, videos, games, knowledge and perspectives.

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Nicole na Niggas ❤ Whinny ni marafiki!
dakika 12 zilizopita
Danny pelayo got swag commented profile of Baosee Chomart: "Hi"
dakika 33 zilizopita   Tafsiri
PEWDIECAESAR commented on status update by The Rock: "YESSSSSSSS KICK HIS ASS"
About an hour ago   Tafsiri   + (Hadithi 1 hazijaonyeshwa)
I feel like an Indian princess. Who wants to be part of my tribe? lol
About an hour ago
crisbarnhill33 na Niggas ❤ Whinny ni marafiki!
masaa 2  zilizopita
Niggas ❤ Whinny
Shes dumb asf fah doin tht but ig ..
masaa 2  zilizopita
Haters make me famous q:
masaa 2  zilizopita
Savannah commented profile of Savannah: "Lol thanks Cx ^"
masaa 2  zilizopita   Tafsiri
Niggas ❤ Whinny commented on status update by Niggas ❤ Whinny: "Lmaoo ight bye xD"
masaa 2  zilizopita   Tafsiri   + (Hadithi 6 hazijaonyeshwa)
May the Force be with u
masaa 2  zilizopita

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Kutoka Emilia

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